Kathryn + Seth | A Sunny Spring Washington on the Brazos Engagement Session

Washington on the Brazos is home to all kinds of history. Growing up, he used to go there for picnics with his family. Every other week, she used to go there with her school. And as for me, two years ago it became a outdoor escape in a new town. And for the old La Bahia pecan tree still standing tall by the river, it’s been home for a while.

Funny how histories can get woven together by one special location. Each of us have unique memories out at Washington on the Brazos, and now we all have one shared sunny day. A sunny day no doubt, like the one back in 1836 when travelers passed by that spot on the Brazos and one little pecan fell out of their saddlebags or wagon and into the dirt unseen. Today, that little nut stands over 180 years tall and is rooted in Texas history as much as any other historical landmark dating back to the Republic days. But what’s really cool is that this place, where that tree still stands, has played a major roll in both Kathryn and Seth’s lives as they grew up. From family gatherings to funerals, Washington on the Brazos has been a landmark in each their lives. And now, a few months before their relationship grows from the seed of engagement to the sapling being newly married, they have the memory of their spring time engagement session at their favorite place!

I just love the depth of these two! From how thoughtful they were about where to have their engagement session to how big they smile when they play together, Kathryn and Seth are just joyful, intentional people. They’re the kind of people you hope pull over when your car breaks down. Or if we’re going back to the 1830’s, the kind of people you hope stop when your wagon wheel breaks. But I guess we don’t have to worry about that now, though I am glad that so long ago, something did go a somewhat array for one traveler through Texas, because it led to a little pecan nut from Mexico growing into a Lone Star State legacy.

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