How to Stay Organized While Wedding Planning!

There is nothing I love more than school supplies. Every summer after my initial lament that long sunny days in shorts and bare-feet were over, I would get GIDDY about SCHOOL SUPPLIES. New pencils. New spirals. And oh, the notebooks. I had one for every class. AND IT WAS AWESOME.

I became quite the expert in all things organizing. Well, over a decade later I’ve carried this organizational obsession over into business. And honestly I would have a gaping hole in my life if I couldn’t buy myself office supplies. Because did I mention I love them? But here’s where things get better because that decade has taught people to make CUTE supplies for school and work! And now you really have me where you want me.

Brides, I use these mini binders made by Russel Hazel for ALL my organizational business needs. I have one as a calendar with customizable inserts and one as a binder to take notes, make goals, draw dreams, keep files, etc. I think these mini notebooks will be the perfect thing for you to keep your life organized as you wedding plan! They’re cute, they’re functional, they’re fully customizable (big feature for me) and the calendar pages allow plenty of space for note taking (big BIG feature for me). I’ve been using them for over 5 years and I’ll never go back!

Here’s a breakdown of what I use:

Two Mini Binders (one for calendar, one for everything else)

Month Tabs

Calendar Inserts

Note Pages

Graph Paper Pages


And then you can go really crazy and get yourself some pastel colored post it notes , Sharpie pens , and some Paper Mate old school mechanical pencils and BOOM before you know it your whole wedding is planned and not to mention your weeks are suddenly becoming much more manageable and stress-free.

There’s just something about writing down your weekly engagements/goals and seeing it all on paper, all right there next to each other that not only makes it do-able for me, but it also prevents me from over-saturating my weeks. I love my Google Calendar, but I’ll never trade writing things down!

And what would an EBP post be without a little Howie cameo? 🙂

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